A Heroes' History of Medieval Britain

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Take 6 Henrys, 5 Edwards, 3 Richards, 2 Williams, 1 Stephen and 1 John. Throw in a good number of invasions and battles, crusades and castles, revolts and riots, protests and plagues, then add a few feudal, double-dealing barons. Mix in 1 barmy king, 1 murdered king, 1 slain archbishop and 2 dead royal nephews and combine with a pinch of courtly love, chivalry, sword fighting and jousting. Stir well, cook for four hundred years and there you have the Middle Ages! From William of Normandy and the Battle of Hastings in 1066 to Magna Carta in 1216, the Wars of the Roses, then Richard III’s defeat at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. Medieval Britain was a stew of bubbling rivalries for the throne and simmering power struggles between monarchy and church. Get a taste of it here!

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